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Brief History

Year Occurrances
1923 Establishes Mitsuboshi Manufacturing & Company in Sakai (Osaka) to manufacture pigments.
1925 Begins manufacturing printing inks by using its original pigments.
1945 Domestic facilities totally destroyed during the World War II, and all overseas branches confiscated at the end of the war.
1959 The company reorganizes and changes its name to Mitsuboshi Printing Ink Co., Ltd.
1965 New ink plant fully equipped with the latest technologies and engineering opens in Sakai (Osaka), and receives a Government (MITI) appointment as Model Plant.
1969 The first in the world to develop RM (Ready-Mixed) type Offset Gold Ink of outstanding stability and performance. Expands production facilities to meet rapidly growing sales.
1975 Supported and necessitated by growing sales Head Office relocated to new location at Tennoji, Osaka.
1976 For its unique features RM (Ready-Mixed) Gold Ink receives a Patent from Japan Patent Office.
1982 Patent granted to RM Royal Gold Ink by patent offices of the USA, F.R. of Germany and Switzerland.
1992 Develops and sells, as among one of the first ink companies in Japan, low VOC and environmentally-friendly Soy Inks using soy-bean oil.
1997 Ink plant in Sakai totally renovated with the latest machines, equipments and system to further improve production capacity and efficiency.
1999 To expand the business Kyoto Branch moves into new built location.
2000 Ink and varnish plant in Sakai receives ISO-9001 Certification.
2001 Becomes the first in the industry to receive Recognition for Excellent in Pursing Quality Control from the Office of Osaka Prefecture.
2005 Develops and sells environmentally-friendly Water-Based Flexo and Gravure Gold and Silver Inks.
2006 New Head Office constructs at the location of ink plant in Sakai to achieve better effects on both production and sales by concentrating Head Office and Plants.
2010 Develops and sells LED-UV Gold and Silver Ink for LED curing system for energy conservation.
2015 Develops and sells UV No.1 Gold and Silver Ink having better shelf-life, excellent metallic shine and good printability. Develops and sells powder-less Process Ink New KNS Process Ink.
2016 Develops and sells H-UV and LED-UV No.1 Gold and Silver Ink based on UV No.1 Gold and Silver Ink.